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July 10th, 2011 at 9:48 pm

What Katherine Birbalsingh has in common with George Bush

What Katherine Birbalsingh has in common with George Bush

Katherine Birbalsingh has posted a bizarre Telegraph blog in response to Fiona Millar’s piece on Academy chains in Monday’s Guardian

Firstly, the comparison between a US President giving reasons to launch a war of terror and a journalist writing about the very real possibility of for-profit making companies running schools is so far-fetched and fabricated that it would be merely ridiculous if it were penned by someone who is not in the process of campaigning to set up a school. Unfortunately, this is a woman who has sharp elbowed her way into the forefront of the Free Schools debate and is promoting herself as the sort of headteacher you would willingly entrust with your child’s education   read more bit.ly/n1YZi8

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