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July 12th, 2011 at 11:12 am

Research on Free Schools Policy

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New research on Free Schools Policy by  Dr Higham, of the Institute of Education, University of London, presented at a conference on 8th July 2011.  Some of his findings include the following


“As well as the high level of interest from teachers who want to run their own schools, Dr Higham’s paper highlights some unexpected ways in which the free schools policy appears to be developing.

He notes that some 13 per cent of applications are from existing private schools, either to move their own institution into the state sector or to set up a satellite operation.

Faith organisations are responsible for just over 10 per cent of applications, mostly for primary schools. The largest numbers are from Christian organisations, followed by Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh groups, all of whom say they are responding to a lack of capacity.

Educational management trusts and philanthropic organisations account for another 10 per cent of proposals, usually from existing chains such as ARK and E-Act. A further seven per cent are from existing state schools, often those already leading a chain or federation but also from those proposing to set up their first new partner school, sometimes as a feeder primary.
Charities and profit-making small and medium enterprises each account for about seven per cent of applications.

“There are some intriguing vested interests,” says Dr Higham. “Whether government will iron these out and set up a legal framework around schools to protect schools, the communities they serve and even proposers themselves from these vested interests is a concern.” read full article bit.ly/pJuauU

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