We are opposed to the proposed Free Schools in Lambeth


January 19th, 2012 at 10:09 am

Negative impact on the existing schools say two Lambeth Head Teachers

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Oasis, the Christian charity, are consulting over a plan to open a Free School in the Waterloo area. Two local Headteachers said:

Local Headteachers have expressed concern that the setting up of a Free School may have a negative impact on the existing schools in the area. The need for places in the borough is not in the North but in the South. All schools need to work together and with the Local Authority to ensure that every Lambeth child has access to a great school. For this to work we need to work in collaberation. The setting up of a new Free School could see schools compete for pupils, resulting in a loss of funding and some schools and pupils losing out at the expense of others.



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