We are opposed to the proposed Free Schools in Lambeth


June 18th, 2011 at 11:38 am

Maybe being a free school is now old hat

Fiona Millar

The Michaela Community School

Prompted by a few threads on this site, I have had a look at the website for school being proposed by Katharine Birbalsingh in Lambeth.  The first very noticeable thing is that it is to be called the Michaela Community School. Is the title ” community school” making a comeback even before Michael Gove has managed to abolish them all? The fact that this will be a free school is buried away on the site – this is interesting. Maybe being a free school is now old hat – I have been thinking for a while that there might be some merit in just soldiering on as a community or voluntary aided school as eventually we will be special, unique and different. Free schools and academies will be the bog standard model…read more


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